2015 was a beautiful year. I was incredibly blessed to work with so many kind and amazing people, capturing some of the most important moments in their lives.
I also became pregnant with our first child, a sweet little girl whom we are expecting in April.

Towards the end of the year, I felt the spirit moving me in a new direction. I felt called to dive deeper into relationships and life – to explore it’s richness and fulness with new eyes. As we expand our own little family, I have felt even more inspired by the ties and love between families. Life with littles is so messy, perfectly imperfect so to speak – and yet, is there anything more rewarding or fulfilling?


Life As Art by Golden Veil Photography / Family Photography / North Dakota


This brings me to the introduction of Golden Veil’s newest venture, Life As Art sessions. Developing the Life As Art concept has been one of the most exciting and passionate things I have undertaken. These new sessions are all about highlighting the beauty of family, and the relationships between them that have the power to produce the most moving and impactful art. The baseline of these sessions is keeping things simple, we’ll photograph in a warm and simple space and keep the focus on who you are as a family. Natural interaction, playing together, having fun. Letting them be little for the camera means they aren’t going to pose perfectly or always behave perfectly, because what child does? There is a sweetness to be captured when littles feel free to be themselves, and mom and dad aren’t worrying about how everything looks.


Life As Art by Golden Veil Photography / Family Photography / North Dakota
My job and goal is to get in on the small moments: the genuine smile, a inquisitive glance, the surprise giggle. Perhaps it’s the expectant mother, so anxiously awaiting the arrival of her sweet little baby. It’s these things that make my heart grow, my soul to turn, a smile to rise – one of God’s purest blessings.

So who are these sessions for? Anyone who wants to remember extraordinary loveliness amidst the every day. The pudgy little hands, the messy hair, the swelling of their stomachs with the promise of more love and a little less sleep in their lives. These sessions are for those that love thoughtful art in any form, but especially the kind that leaves an impression on their hearts.


Life As Art by Golden Veil Photography / Maternity Photography / North Dakota
Because I am so beyond excited to kickstart this new business direction for Golden Veil, I am offering 20% off any session booked by February 14th! Please also feel free to pop over to my website, made fresh and new by the art of the talented Tara of September Letters. From there you may also book your Life As Art session!


Life As Art by Golden Veil Photography / Family Photography / North Dakota


Thank you for stopping in and reading about my heart behind this new section of Golden Veil, it means the world to me! I am so humbled to be able to pursue my dream and passion. May your lives be full of love and art :).

-XO Cassie


Life As Art by Golden Veil Photography / Family Photography / North Dakota